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Towards immortality

There are lot of attempts that are being made for the betterment of mankind. Humans are making themselves superior day by day, by their innovative skills. But since the evolution of the most important question or the most important barrier to overcome is the attainment of immortality. ‘How to attain immortality? ‘.How can we live forever in this wonderful, wonderful universe? How can we defeat our death? One day as I was thinking about it. This idea gone through my mind. I will explain it to you now:

Whenever people are dead due to some diseases. We should cure the body in the sense we should replace his organs which are damaged. Issues regarding his physical body should be cured. Artificial consciousness can be created by humans with technology or whatever and provide if to the treated dead body. The artificial consciousness should be similar to that of the conscious of the dead person. Consciousness is self growing thing. Hence we provide basic or certain consciousness to the person by asking his family about him. On installing consciousness to the treated dead person.The person becomes alive. The whole concept is based on the fact that CONSCIOUSNESS IS ENERGY. This artificial consciousness activates the body by activating every cell of the body. So the person gets rebirth with this phenomenon.

Now the very important questions are:

How to create artificial consciousness?

If we can create artificial consciousness, how can we install it on the dead body?

I think artificial consciousness can be created by another person. One who has activated his chakras can create artificial consciousness. This is one of the way. One person’s consciousness can create consciousness for other people is the theme. Since humans can give birth to humans. Similarly humans consciousness can give birth to human’s consciousness.

By using technology also we can make artificial consciousness. That is by tracking the process in which how the baby in mother’s womb gets consciousness. If we track this process, we may get the root for creating artificial consciousness.

Body + consciousness = LIFE

The other question is:where does the consciousness of dead person goes? Does it nullify with surroundings.If we can harness the consciousness of a dead person and reinstall to the treated dead person. ..It is the most easier way to attain immortality.

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There is lots of discussion these days about dimensions and no. of dimensions. Lots of research are going on. Here is my idea,
The three dimensional objects cannot see three dimensional objects. Only two dimensions are visible for these 3d objects (human).The third dimension which is not visible for 3d objects can be if not is being assumed by human beings. They just assume the magnitude of the third dimension with their knowledge or experience. So hence all objects around us which are 3d in real are seen as 3d virtually. Nowadays the 3d movies are there . I think those are the mixture of 2d images which seems to be 3d for us. This shows the inability of human brain to see 3d objects. The great example for this is the sun which appears like a circle (circular region to be precise). But in actual it is a sphere.

In similar way, a 2d object can see one dimension. In similar fashion, we the 3d creatures cannot see 4d or even high dimensional objects, unless we assume extra dimensions with immense thinking ability or else wait for time to tell.

Whenever a human sees a circle, he cannot say that it is circle or cylinder if he see it along the centre of cylinder. For him the horizontal And vertical changes can be noticed but the changes on other dimension( the length of the cylinder) goes unnoticed. The third dimension is independent of his vision. It’s like intensity of sound in which after some decibels the human cannot be able distinguish the changes.